Come One Come All to support children in our youth entrepreneur fair.


The LFEC Entrepreneur Fair acts to encourage and promote creativity to our youth in our community. Introduce them to the Business World. Show them the steps on what it takes to bring their ideas to life and give them a platform to showcase. Surround them with other children who also have the passion. The entrepreneur fair is about creating a positive, motivating, and leadership environment for our kids.

All week campers will work on business ideas, partnerships, budgeting, marketing, and sales leading to Friday's LFEC Entrepreneur Fair. Families and friends are invited to come, shop, and explore.

The process
  • Campers develop a business plan.
  • Campers find funding. They can go to investors (parents) or to the bank (LFEC) to secure items for business needs.
  • The marketing plan is created and executed.  
  • Set-up the fair table
  • Sell! (All profit goes to the campers)
  • The winner keeps all the funds raised and their bank loan is forgiven!

What you need to know

  • The fair is located at Jimmy Moore Park between 3PM-6PM.
  • Carnival games, Bounce houses, & Shops will be there.
  • Kids 6 and under will work together on a lemonade stand.
  • Our older children will develop there own ideas.
  • Please bring cash to purchase tickets for the event. Tickets are a dollar a piece and campers will set their own prices.
  • All ages are welcome to attend.
  • We are asking that you or your group be willing to donate a minimum of 1 hour of your time to a station at the event.
  • The deadline for registration is Thursday, July 15th 2022. If you agree to volunteer, please note the Entrepreneur Fair on Volunteer Registration Form. Thanks in advance for your participation
Please Contact Us if you have any questions, concerns.

Entrepreneur Fair

3:00 PM


6:00 PM

Jimmy Moore Park