Zoo School Fundraiser Description

Thank you for your tireless support of Learning Forward Education Center. Through fundraisers, parent-teacher meetings, school sports, after-school activities, and everything else that happens in the courses of a school year, you have shown your commitment to giving your child the best possible education. As we partner with you here at Learning Forward Education Center for the education of our children, I want you to know that your commitment does not go unnoticed.

It is partly because of the busy lives we all lead that I am writing. As you know, Learning Forward Education Center customarily has a fundraiser in the first part of the school year to pay for things that are not fully covered by the school budget: this year we would like to focus on reducing the cost of Zoo School for our families.

Our Paint Party which has been rescheduled for Saturday November 20, 2021. This party will be both in-person and online. All online participants will receive all their supplies via mail. This is a great opportunity to fund-raise for our children. We are sending each child with 5 tickets to sell. They will receive incentives for sales. Please be sure to fill out the donation form. Also any prior tickets will count towards your total sales. 

I want to end this letter by thanking you again. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and whether you are able to give or not, know we deeply appreciate your dedication to your child and our school.

Paint Party Fundraiser

1:30 PM


LFE Center and Virtually