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our beginning

Everyone wants their child to experience success in life and most of all to be happy. When our founder Nicole Green's youngest child began to struggle in daycare that goal was far out of reach. Within that year here daughter was diagnosed with a developmental delay that required significant intervention, A year later her older son was challenged with both attention difficulties and reading on grade level, he later was diagnosed with ADHD. That year with the support of her husband KeDric she quit her job after 7 years working with students with disabilities in higher education. She then began teaching to focus on her family. It was in the classroom that she developed a love for teaching children! She did however find that many families fell through the cracks and were not receiving what they needed to have the equitable high-quality education they deserved. She realized that both her personal and professional background was leading her to serve families like hers in a different way. Thus the Learning Forward Education Center was founded to empower all families so our children and families can be successful and happy.

Latest Causes

Our team

All instructional personnel in accordance with Section 1002.421(1)(h), Florida Statutes meets requirements by holding a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience and or special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th grade subjects.

MSL Masters of Science and Leadership. 10 years teaching from elementary to college instruction. Interested in expanding the life's of our Learning Forward Education Center students and local community.

Nicole Green

Executive Director of Education

Educator for twelve years. Passionate about teaching hands-on science and math. In addition to teaching in a traditional classroom, I've also worked as an educator at the Brevard Zoo and the Tallahassee Museum

Alex Leblanc

Math Teacher

Educator for 25 years. I have taught in many different teaching environments.   I am married and a mother of 6 wonderful children whose ages range from 13-34. I enjoy painting, arts and crafts and crocheting in my spare time. 

tina young

FLVS Teacher Coordinator

What They Say?

What they Say?

I truly believe that there is no better place to send your children! My kids are excited to go each day and want to stay until closing. There are no words to express my gratitude for all that LFE Center has done for my children.

Kim s.

Learning Forward Education Center has been a great partner in our community.

Victory Team

Learning Forward Education Center has been a great partner in our community.

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