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In a effort to fine the ideal system for all children to thrive Learning Forward Education Center has assisted e-learning. The program helps parents homeschooling, families affected by Covid-19, students in need of smaller class sizes, and everyone in between. Your donation goes to ensuring each child has resources required and one on one instructions.

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Virtual Learning Environments can help pull together modern, interesting and interactive electronic resources as well as added supporting materials for example, for maths and study skills. LFE Center virual school can open up opportunities for new ways of learning and communicating, and can support collaborative learning and independent learning. Our center team has found that our assisted virual learning environment establish a community more quickly and integrate students into the institution.

Studies have shown online learning cuts the learning time down by 25% to 60% compared to traditional classroom learning. Coupled with the advantages of self-paced E-Learning, this results in a highly time-efficient learning solution both for the students and the teachers.

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