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Guardians have the best intentions for their children but when they are bombarded with academic progress reports, IEP meetings, 504 meetings, applications for Vanderbilt, retention letters, and just objects in life the list can be overwhelming. These donations assist with training classes, and transportation for certified staffed to accompany guardians during numerous meeting required for kids academic planning. When we are united we don’t have to go at it alone.. 

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Research has shown roughly 10 percent of children in the United States are retained at least once between kindergarten and eighth grade. This percentage of retention could increase in the coming years. Florida has been the model for states adopting policies; in 2002, it mandated that low-scoring third graders be retained and receive remedial services. G.A.R.D instructs parents on how to navigate the school system to give their children the best help possible.

No child left behind is a catchy slogan here at Learning Forward Education Center we give specific support so parents know what to look for throughout the school year. Assist our G.A.R.D and our nonprofit with your donation.

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