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Help Platforms

cost break downs

Tuition and Affordable Programs.

stream academy

$10000 yr

$9000 Per Child Tuition

All fees can be broken up in to monthly payment except Registration.
$250 Registration Fee
Additional fee based on students grade, electives, and other Criteria. Speak with our enrollment Administration for information.

step Up For Students Accepted

after school

$70 wkly

All-Inclusive Program

School Pick Up Included
Tutoring Included
Gymnastics Included
Acro Included
Aviation Included
Sports (Discounted)
STREAM Students (Discounted)

ELC Scholarship Accepted

summer camp

$170 wk

Field Trips Included

Early Bird Expires April 1st
8 Weeks of Themed Events
$25 All Summer Swim
Reading Intensive (See Form)
Math Intensive (See Form)

step Up For Students Accepted

Thousands Needs

give a Helping Hand

Contribute with time or donation.