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grade k through 8

The LFE Center School prepares gifted learners for college and life by offering a progressive education that challenges and supports them academically, socially, emotionally, and kinesthetically in the context of classrooms of ability and affinity peers. Students with learning differences, ADHD ADD and ASD children have a unique set of social-emotional and intellectual needs, and we embrace them all, meeting students where they are and empowering them to achieve their next level of excellence. ​

For students in grades K through 8, LFE Schools academics are based on a cross-curricular STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) approach combined with curated Common Core Standards. In other words, we re-integrate the ethics and poetics of the humanities (philosophy, history, literature, and all of the arts) into STEM & STEAM approaches to teaching and learning. Across content areas, curricula and lessons are guided each school year by a scalable, unifying, school-wide theme. Last school year, the theme of “Power and Energy” wove through and bridged the social-emotional and academic domains. Our school students compete in county, state, and national academic competitions. ​At LFE School, we emphasize the development of critical thinking and questioning skills in both our academics and in our social-emotional learning program. Our partnership with students and families leads to a renewed trust in the possibility that school can be the driving force for authentic learning, success, and inspiration.

Our program aligns academic skill development with FL Standards. Instructions is provided through research-based curricula. Our program is provided at the student’s instructional level while exposing students to and supporting grade-level expectations.

All academic plans are individualized and data is continuously tracked to create and update academic plans. Adaptive learning tools will be used for students when appropriate. All instruction will be differentiated, intensive academic instruction is provided based upon the child’s needs. Reading and math instruction is taught exclusively in small group instruction. The program has a specific curriculum developed for each academic area listed below while using evidence-based strategies implemented by the instructor.

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Learning Forward Education Center Reading Fall I Ready student academic results. Learning Forward Education Center Reading I Ready student academic results. Learning Forward Education Center Math Fall I Ready student academic results. Learning Forward Education Center Math I Ready school student academic results.

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collaborative & proactive solution (cps)

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Model About This Resource. The model is abased on the premise that challenging behavior occurs when the demands and expectations being placed on a kid exceed the kid's capacity to respond adaptively... and that some kids are lacking the skills to handle certain demands and expectation. SO the emphasis of the model isn't on kids' challenging behavior, which is whether it's whining, pouting, sulking, withdrawing, crying, screaming, swearing, hitting, spitting biting or worse- just the manner in which they're expressing the fact that there are expectations they're having difficulty meeting. Nor does the model focus on psychiatric diagnoses, which are simply categories of challenging behaviors. Rather the model (in the CPS model, those unmet expectations are referred to as unsolved problems). Then the goal is to help them solve those problems, rather than trying to modify their behavior through application of rewards and punishments.

social emotional Learning (sel)

We focus on teaching students social emotional behavior to they can create meaningful relationships and learn to navigate social challenges appropriately. To promote the development of domain-specific skills, our SEL and academic support specialists meet individually with students and push into group-led learning, including during lunch and recess. In order to focus on the social-emotional and cognitive challenges particular to learning differences, gifted, and twice-exceptionality. We promote the development of our students' skills both in and beyond the classroom. Twice-exceptional students often display a statistical tendency toward perfectionism, but with the right mix of SEL and academic supports, our students are able to stay motivated about learning and school.


Discipline at LFEC we don't believe in punishment we believe that behavioral challenges are an opportunity for learning. We teach students to be respectful, responsible, safe and thankful. All staff have or are required to receive both RBT and CPR training within 6 months of joining the LFEC team.


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Our drama courses focus on the art of writing and expressing stories, incorporating a wide variety of techniques in acting, improvisation, choreography, and both stagecraft and stage management. More traditional drama practice is complemented by theatre performance field trips and theatre troupe visits to the school. Improvisation coursework emphasizes saying "Yes, and...." to being to peers in the moment in order to achieve a desired effect: laughter. Improv is taught by our drama teacher, a Second City-trained comedian, and our speech therapist (with an eye toward social pragmatics and social development).

Performing Arts

Our performing arts courses focus on the intersection of music, drama, collaboration, and movement. These classes are co-taught by drama and music teaching teams. In partnership with other disciplines and the Upper School, the performing arts students organize two performances each school year (see).


Students committed to learning an instrument are provided 1:1 and/or small group training in composition and technique by one of our music teachers. Students are provided opportunities to practice their skills throughout the week and to perform for our parent community. We also offer chorus, jazz and rock ensembles, and music production courses in our stand-alone music studio.

Performing Arts

Our Lower School art program is maker-oriented but suitable for both visual artists and young engineers. This weekly course covers a wide range of skills, from basic drawing and painting, to sewing and prototyping, to more highly conceptual work that incorporates a wide variety of materials, electronics, and digital media as forms of expression.

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What They Say?

What they Say?

I truly believe that there is no better place to send your children! My kids are excited to go each day and want to stay until closing. There are no words to express my gratitude for all that LFE Center has done for my children.

Kim s.

Learning Forward Education Center has been a great partner in our community.

Victory Team

Learning Forward Education Center has been a great partner in our community.

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